2013 VINTAGE The second in a string of remarkable growing seasons in the Napa Valley, the 2013 vintage witnessed exceptional growing conditions that contributed to what many have come to regard as one of the great vintages for Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. The combination of a wonderfully warm growing season, continued attention to farming practices, and meticulous winemaking brought forth a winegrape crop of exceptional quality and complexity that showcased the singular attributes of our estate vineyard.

A superb early set combined with superior growing conditions delivered a Cabernet Sauvignon crop noted for its sizable clusters of smaller berries, bringing an abundance of superior fruit character and complexity to our VHR wine.

Harvest was completed on September 27th, with our benchland Block 3 yielding 2.5 tons per acre and Block 4 producing 3.49 tons. Our hillside Block 6 yielded 3.74 tons and creekside Block 7 provided 3.87 tons. The fruit delivered flavors that are bold, intense and driving, supported by huge swaths of tannins and layers of pulsating minerality. Graphite, leather, lavender, tobacco and spices wrap around the virile, imposing finish, conveying an essence of the unique aspects and soil structures of Vine Hill Ranch.

vines at harvest