2015 VINTAGE The fourth year of the prolonged California drought delivered sunny, dry conditions, prompting an early bud break with minimal frost pressure. The balance of the season presented unusually warm conditions, punctuated by an acute heat spike at the end of our September harvest. At Vine Hill Ranch, these conditions resulted in a small crop of exceptional character. Fruit harvested from blocks 3, 4 and 6 produced an extraordinary expression of the vintage that, while limited in its production, offers a complexity and depth that have become signatures of the vineyard.

The 2015 harvest was completed on September 19th, with our benchland Block 4 yielding 2.75 tons per acre. Our benchland Block 3 yielded 2.99 tons, hillside Block 6 yielded 2.93 tons and creekside Block 7 providing 3.19 tons. Akin to the 2013 vintage, the 2015 season’s warm conditions yielded fruit that delivers remarkable texture, well-developed tannic structures and persistent finish. Signature dark flavor profiles, combined with a remarkable vibrancy, produced wines of singular complexity and structure.

It was during the unseasonably cool May of 2015 that our mother, Alex Phillips, passed away. Preceded six months earlier by our father, her passage transitioned the gift of stewardship to the third generation of our family at Vine Hill Ranch.

vines at harvest