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Viticultural Record2013 Farming Practices

2013 It is rare that two consecutive growing seasons of such impeccable quality materialize. On the heels of the prior year’s idyllic harvest, 2013 presented superior growing conditions that resulted in a winegrape crop of exceptional quality—a perfect season.

Following relatively light rainfall, the growing season presented consistently warm and temperate conditions, allowing our vine canopies to fall perfectly into balance. Without significant interruptions from rainfall or extreme temperature changes, the VHR fruit attained desired maturity. During the spring and summer months, we installed the vineyard framework and planted selected rootstocks in our historic, 11-acre hillside Block 1. We also began redevelopment of our benchland Block 3D, removing the Petit Verdot in favor of the more appropriately sited Cabernet Sauvignon.

Lastly, we focused significant attention to ensure the long-term sustainability of the ancient oak woodlands on our property, some of which date back more than 300 years. We amended soils and performed much-needed canopy work to ensure that the trees thrive for future generations to enjoy at Vine Hill Ranch.